Bunch + Wine.com - unbeatable for everyday wine under $20?

Here you will learn how to drink $25 wine for $10, and $50 wine for $20. And we’re talking about current releases of real wines, professionally-rated, and the types you love. This is how we buy most of our personal wines these days, so we know it works.

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We save you 30% or more and we'll prove it

For every selection Bunch creates for you, we will show you the average pricing from other retailers for those wines plus estimates for shipping and sales tax so you can compare grapes-to-grapes.

What you’ll need:

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Download the free Bunch Chrome extension that allows Bunch to help you when you’re shopping for wine.

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Create a Wine.com account with their $49/year “StewardShip” program that gives you free shipping for an entire year.

Why Wine.com is a great place to buy wine right now

Reason #1 - Low "total delivered price"

Although bottle prices are often not the lowest, Wine.com runs excellent promotions, saving 30% – 40% and, with StewardShip, shipping is free. If you are especially motivated, there are third-party cashback offers that can save you another 10% to 50%. The individual bottle price is often not that important.


As an extreme example, a Bunch bought 1.5 cases of a 91 point Sauvignon Blanc. We found the same wine from a retailer which cost $314 delivered, or around $17.50/bottle. Using Bunch and all available promotions, the user ultimately paid $84.60 delivered, or just $4.70/bottle.

Reason #2 - Massive choice

Over the course of a year, Wine.com sells around 50,000 different wines from around the world. Their buyers decide what are the best wines on the market, and buy, say, the top 10%.

But we can do better. If we’re smart about it and choose the top 1% of wine values from the 10% Wine.com has, we can buy from the top 0.1% of the market and still have hundreds of wines to choose from. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we make it easy.

Bunch makes smart shopping unbelievably easy

While Wine.com has great inventory, it’s just too hard to watch for the best deals, scour thousands of wines to find the most interesting wines, then locate the latest promos, etc. It could take hours and you never really know if you got the best deal. This is where Bunch comes in — it does the hard work of monitoring and uncovering the best of the best, 100% personalized for you. Bunch even automatically applies the best promos available. Give it feedback and it learns from you.

Step 1

Tell Bunch what you like

Select a high-level personality (like “Big Reds”) with one click or fine-tune selections like a pro from dozens of individual wine styles.

Step 2

Give Bunch your budget

Bunch collects the latest wines, promotions, sales tax rates and anything else that impacts your delivered cost, whatever your budget.

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Step 3

Let Bunch do its thing

Bunch has a human-level understanding of wine and analyzes millions of pieces of data to bring you back the best of the best.

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Sweet spots to try

Right now, the best budget targets are around $40 for 4 wines and $120 for 6 to 12 wines. This is $10 to $20/bottle delivered. Try those out and let us know how they work for you at info@bunchwine.com

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