About Bunch

What exactly does Bunch do?

Bunch shops for you using your wine style preferences and budget. Bunch does all the messy searching and analyzing to find the best selection of different wines all at once.

What is the Weekly Bunch?

This is an email that is sent out approximately once/week that notifies you of great deals on great wines.

Will Bunch really find better wines than I can?

If you really know wine and have hours to shop, then you can probably do a pretty good job yourself. But with thousands of wines, price/quality tradeoffs, promotions, taxes and so on, it’s hard to beat Bunch.

Can Bunch just buy and ship automatically?

We are currently working on a virtual wine club where every shipment is unique. This allows us to pounce on deals as they come up and provide you with the most interesting and best value wines, even if they’re only available for minutes at a retailer.

Where can I use Bunch?

Bunch is currently available for several wine retailers with more being added. Want to add a retailer? Send us a message at info@bunchwine.com.

What’s the magic behind Bunch?

Bunch applies a range of learning technologies including BERT and GPT-2, as well as dynamic programming technologies to create deep domain knowledge and to optimize wine selection.

Do I buy wines from Bunch?

You buy wines directly from the wine retailer. Bunch simply helps you figure out what to buy. Where possible, Bunch will automatically populate your cart for a fast checkout.

I’m a retailer. Can I add Bunch directly to my site?

Bunch provides a website add-on that allows you to offer 100% customized wine clubs to your customers with near-zero work. Send us a message at info@bunchwine.com for more info.